Author Bio


My name is James Adam Seilbach. I go by Adam, because my dad’s name is also James. I have been writing since I was 10. I started out drawing comic books and since then I have written many novels. I am continuing to edit them and work on them all the time. I try to inspire my readers and give them a place to go when they are tired of being in their own dull world.

Where I Get My Ideas

I get my thoughts and ideas for my books by keeping my eyes peeled and my ears open. The world is full of many places and people that can give you ideas for a story. I meet people and learn about what happened in their lives and how it made them the way they are today. Another strategy is to research other cultures or civilizations and then make one of your own in a book. I also get ideas from learning about characters in other stories and see how they act and how they react to their experiences. Most of the time ideas find me, but when I am looking for them there are two things I do; research good sources, or go on a walk and nature turns on my brain to inspire my gift.

How I Started Writing:

The very first books that I made were written and colored when I was ten years old. I was a good artist and I made over seventy comic books. This is how I started seeing my interest in making stories. Soon I knew that I was a good artist with a paper and pencil, but I knew that to publish my books I had to start using the computer. So then I started typing them into computers instead of drawing them. The technology of drawing on computers was too much to learn for me and I thought that maybe I can learn that technique later. I started writing stories without as many drawings. The first couple books I planned on writing were too hard for me to finish and I had to start over. By the end of 2013 at age 15 I had written 9 books. I continue to write new books and edit them. I have to remember to take a break every once in a while from writing so I don’t get too obsessed with the story.

My Education and Autism:

I am Autistic. While it is a difficult trait to carry, I feel like it has helped my education so I could learn better, write, and remember my studies. I homeschooled from 8-11 grade. While homeschooling I attended Summit Academy in Westminster, CO. Summit Academy is a school that homeschool students go to once a week. I liked the way homeschool works as I had a lot of control over when I did my work and had more time to write my books. The other students at Summit Academy also homeschooled and they were nicer than students I had met at other schools. I moved to Star Valley Wyoming at the end of my junior year and am currently taking my final semester at Star Valley High School as a senior. I have learned to cope with being around others all day, despite my autism and my sensitive sensory system.

The World of Atria:

The Cimeter of the Ages is the first book in a series that I have written and have not yet finished. The second book in the series is The Fall of Trebonious. I would recommend these books for young adults, but anyone can read them. There is so much in the world of Atria that my readers will want to discover!


My Inspiration:

So many stories, experiences, and people have inspired me to write my books that I could write all day. I will narrow it down to three main things; One: my Family. They have always helped me write and answer my questions whenever I am stuck in a paragraph or sentence. I see them as characters in my books and they help my protagonist destroy his enemy at every climax. Two: other stories. I read books and watch movies in my spare time, and they help me see what makes a story really exciting, and thrilling. All writers and authors read books to know how to make stories like theirs. I do the same, but I also do it with movies. Three: my faith. I am religious, but not the kind that spend all day in a church reading scriptures. I do believe that God has a plan for all of us and he has helped me find mine. I will be forever grateful to Him and his gospel for giving me the idea and story of Atria so I can tell it to my family and friends.