The Cimeter of the Ages


The Cimeter of the Ages is set in a mythical world of monsters, castles, knights, and magic.

The story begins with a robbery by a  bounty hunter, who is half snake, half man. He steals a rare artifact from the capital city, known as the Scroll of Veron. If the sacred scroll is not returned it could start a war. The King calls upon Avron, a trusted and battle-hardened knight to go after the bounty hunter and the scroll. Avron is accompanied on his quest by his nephew, Atalo.

Atalo lost his parents as a boy and his uncle trained, and hardened the boy to become a knight. Though Atalo is highly skilled for his age, he has not seen battle. On the quest, Atalo acquires a magnificent weapon; The Cimeter of the Ages. The sword has great powers that Atalo must learn to wield in order to save himself and his companions. The pair is aided by Alena, a beautiful nymph, and Maximus, a mysterious and gifted mage. Together they race against time and a traitor to stop the war that threatens to engulf their country.